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Massage Cupping

How does ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy feel? The sensation is truly indescribable, often experienced as deep warmth and a tingling sensation lasting long after the treatment has ended. The action on the nervous system is sedating, and people will often descend into a profound state of relaxation. The body comes alive, and new ease of movement can truly be felt.

ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy is not an irritant to the skin or body. It draws the inflammation out, yet does not add to it. The skin will turn red with strong movements, indicating that circulation has been brought to the surface. Application of liniments, analgesics, plant hydrosols and essential oil blends immediately after ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork will enable absorption of the product deep into the tissue. Increased local blood supply to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the veins. Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles softened quickly and easily.

Stubborn neck tension can be released in mere minutes and scar tissue softened. People often report that the experience stayed with them longer than most treatments, and the speed with which ACE Massage Cupping™ effects change in the tissue is truly amazing. When used in a treatment series, the results are cumulative. Yet even in a single treatment, a long-term physical issue may be resolved! Applications for this technique include body contouring, chronic pain relief, pre-surgery prepping and post-surgery recovery (face and body), detoxification, and increased sports performance.

Conditions that have responded to ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy include colon disorders, edema, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, cellulite, nervous tension and many more!

Benefits of Massage Cupping can include lymph drainage, loosen adhesions, release deep tissues, move stagnation, relieve inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.


After Treatment

It is advised that you avoid any chill or draft or excessive heat for four to six hours after treatment. Avoid hot showers, steam, sauna and exercise after Massage Cupping™. We strongly advise you to drink water and hydrate the tissues.

You may experience a discoloration following your treatment. This is not a bruise. It indicates that release of intense stagnation in the area. It will dissipate within a few hours to a few days.

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